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  • By : Clipp Asia
  • 2020-04-12 19:51:07
  • Photography
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  • Highend retouching requires specific enhancements for the hair, skin, and body. It is integral that the specifications of the client are met in order to come up with images that are required for a certain purpose. For example, if the client is going to use the photos for skin products, then it is essential that the skin should look flawless. Photos for shampoo and other hair products can do well with fixing the stray hair, adding volume and shine. For models that need to look fit and fab, we can digitally remove excess flabs and even add definition so that the muscles look tamed.


    Making the skin blemish-free

    Body contouring & liquifying

    Skin smoothing and toning

    Background cleanup & retouching


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